5+ Method to Fix”ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT” error

This webpage is not available “ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT ” is the error message we mostly get when the server fails to load the web page you were trying to access. In this case, the server usually takes more time than usual to load the page. This issue is mostly faced in the chrome browser.

Before concluding, you need to find out whether only one particular website is showing this error “ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT” or all others are showing the same. If only one page is affected, then the problem lies to that server/host-only but if it’s affected by all other, the first thing you need to check is your internet connection!

The most common problem faced by users is inactive internet connectivity. One more reason commonly affected is due to shared hosting, many users complaint about the limitation of memory space by hosting services.

Generally, chrome suggests you to solve the issue by following ways:

❃ Checking the connection.

❃ Checking the proxy and firewall

❃ Running windows network diagnostics

Above are the methods suggested by chrome but sometimes we cannot solve by trying the above ones, we should go deeper. Some ways are listed below:

A) Clear browsing data and cache from your chrome browser for ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT error :

Most of the time, the connection between the server and the browser is affected due to old caches and cookies. We first need to clear this basic issue by modifying the settings. You can do this as explained below:

Clear browsing history photo
  • Open Chrome browser. Press control+h from your keyboard.
  • Click on clear browsing data –> Advanced settings —> change time range too from the beginning (All time)
  • Click on all options including cache and cookies
  • After this, press the clear data button.

After the above method, your history and cookies plus caches are cleared. You may cross check it opening chrome browser.

B) Changing LAN settings:

Another way to solve this problem is by modifying some internal setting os your system as:

  • Open the control panel from the start menu.
  • Click on view in the category and select large icons as below
Image describing View by category photo
View by category photo

After clicking on the large icon as above, click on Internet Options as above

Put your cursor to the connection tab and select the LAN setting button as below:

Image describing LAN settings button
LAN settings button
  • In the next step, untick all the options given in the automatic configuration and proxy server sections —-> OK
  • Check again in your browser if the connection to the internet has established or not.

Even if the above method doesn’t work, try other methods

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Modify hosting files to solve ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT error:

  • If in case there is any IP address and site URL added to block in hosting files, hence we should cross-check Windows Hosts File as below:
  • First search for the Notepad or your Favourite text editor, and Right click on it. Then click on “Run as Administrator”
Open Notepad as Admin
  • Click File on your Notepad window.
Click on File
  • Click on “Open”
Click on Open
  • Now, navigate to this path.
hosts file path
Navigate to this path

Click “All types “on the extreme bottom right.

Click on All files

Now select “hosts” file and click on “Open”

Select hosts file and click on Open

After the file will open, you have to Check if there any files (IP/website) after #, which are not opening then remove it and then save the button

Even if the above method doesn’t work, try some other method as below:

Renewing IP address and flushing the DNS :

This method can be used when the above methods mentioned may not be working

  • Open Run from your search bar of windows key in your system
  • Type cmd—>ok
  • In the command prompt, type the command as below and then enter after each one
    ipconfig /
    registerdns ipconfig /
    release ipconfig /
    renew netsh winsock reset
Close the Command prompt window and restart your system and check it the browser 

Checking firewall & antivirus settings:

Firewall and antivirus regularly appear to impede a few sites when they have a question mark on the validity of the site. The firewall opposes the association with the worker and doesn’t let you access the website page. It helps in shielding your system from the destructive records. On the off chance that you realize that the site is sheltered, at that point you can kill the firewall and access the site. Furthermore, it is a similar case with the antivirus as you can uninstall the product to get to the site. You are prescribed to turn on the firewall and antivirus after your work is finished. Something else, your system will be in danger.

If you liked the above methods, kindly share with your other friends. Also, let us know in the comment section which method have you tried? If you know any other method other than mentioned above, type in comment section!

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