Top 3 steps to Delete windows.old folder from Windows

Windows.old folder is created when you update from your previous windows operating system. This windows.old folder have all the files and data of your last version of windows. You can also go back to previous version if you are not satisfied with your latest update.

Windows.old folder occupy a huge amount of space in your Personal Computer or Laptop which may lead to slowing down your device. You may want to delete it since for obvious reasons.

It’s solved! Can’t remove windows.old folder from your PC/Laptop? Hold on! Yes, you can delete windows.old folder from your system but it is not as easy as deleting any other folder from your computer. Here is a way to solve your problem in just a few minutes. Check out the article till the end and hopefully, you may like our post/article.

When you upgrade your PC or Laptop the new version of windows you occupy a huge amount of space of the folder called windows.old folder on your C drive. You need to free space by deleting this folder from your computer by following a few tricks.

Also note that Windows will automatically delete your folder without your permission after a month. So beware if you need to save some file from last version of windows, take back up as soon as you upgrade it to newer version of windows.

In this guide I am Sharing total 3 ways to remove this folder. You can choose any of these by following method:

  1. By storage sense settings
  2. By temporary file settings
  3. By Disk cleanup

Delete windows.old folder by Storage sense settings:

  • Open Settings on your Personal Computer or Laptop.
Open settings page
  • Search Storage in the search tab and after that click on Storage.
Search for Storage Sense in Settings
  • You will find under Storage sense a tab called “Change how we free up space automatically”. Once you find this tab immediately click this tab as shown below image:
  • Under the Free-space tab, you need to check the “Delete previous version of windows” option.
  • Now click on the button “Clean Now”
Click on Clean now

By following the above steps you can delete windows.old folder from your respective laptop or PC

2. Delete windows.old folder by Temporary settings:

  • In your Computer; open settings as instructed.
  • Click on the System button after opening the settings.
  • Click on the Storage button under the tab shown.
  • You can notice the Storage sense button, thereafter you need to click the “Free up space now ” option as in the image:
  • Check Previous Windows installation(s) as instructed
  • After the above step; click the Remove files button

2. Delete windows.old folder by Disk Cleanup:

  • Click on This PC on your desktop as shown
Open This PC
  • Right click on Local Disk (C:) which is your C drive.
Right click C Drive
  • Under Local Disk (C:) /C drive, you will find Properties as underlined in image below
Click on Properties
  • In Local Disk(C:) or C drive Properties, click Disk Cleanup button and then press OK
Click on Disk Clean-up
  • You can find two tabs in Disk Clean-up for (C:). The two tabs names Sisk Clean-up and More options
  • Click on Disk clean up system files button
  • In the next step, tick or check on Windows Update Clean-up option, like the below image
  • Click Delete Files to confirm whether you want to delete the file or not
  • Confirm Yes button

Above are the few of the ways to delete windows.old folder, you can use any one of it and be ready to free up some space on your computer.

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By Rucha Deshpande, 6th September 2020

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