How to transfer ebooks to kindle from Laptop

Hello friends, in this guide I am going to shows you How to transfer ebooks to kindle via laptop or Desktop Pc’s. There are many ways for Transferring E-books from your PC to your kindle. Such as through Wi-Fi or you can email your books to or the easiest way is by using USB PENDRIVE.

Once the books you transferred in sent to kindle it is saved in the device in your library. Also note If you buy any book on kindle it will be automatically saved in your kindle.

Send Ebooks to Kindle by using an App:

There is an app called “Send to Kindle”. By using this app you will be able to transfer ebooks to your kindle from your system. You can install the app from the official site by clicking here.

Simply install the “Send to Kindle” app, after successful installation of the app, you can select any book you want, right-click it and you will see the ‘Send to Kindle’ option. This is one of the easiest way without any pre-requisites like Wi-Fi or USBs as below:

This app also installs a virtual printer- then select “Send to Kindle” while printing and the document will be ready to appear o your personal kindle.

Send Ebooks to kindle by Email:

When Kindle was launched, the only way to sent documents was via email which is still a valid option. This option also did not need the use of USB

The first thing you need to enter your personal email address as a sender. Firstly, open your kindle device and manage your device. On your device content, open the “Manage Your Content & devices” as shown below. In “Manage Your Content & Devices, click on content

transfer Ebooks to kindle
Tab description
transfer Ebooks to kindle
Tabs description

Select the book you want to move to kindle, click action button as shown in figure and then click deliver.

Transfer Ebooks to kindle via USB Cable:

You can transfer any documents or e-books from computer to kindle from USB DATA CABLE. Just connect data cable to both the devices.

You can just drag and drop anything. You can also place music and audio-books in Music folder.

So friends, in this guide I covered the few methods to “Transfer Ebooks to Kindle”. I hope this guide will becomes helpful for you. You can also read our other guides:

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