Lenovo K8 Note Review|Specification

NEW DELHI: Motorola has been in the forefront of starting a ton of smartphones in the last couple of months. But, we do not hear much about its own parent firm, Lenovo when it concerns exactly the exact same genre.

The Chinese technology company, which can be primarily known for its PCs and notebooks, has been dormant in India ever since earlier this season in regards to smartphone starts.

The K8 ruling comes as an immediate successor to the K6 ruling established in India this past year. The smartphone is better in virtually all facets as it erupts within a better camera, even better processor, more battery along with an above-average screen.

It’s priced at Rs 12,999 (base version ), making the apparatus drop in the lower-mid array section, a favorite segment with Motorola tablets too.

Therefore, what makes K8 Note before this curve? Will the specification bulge alone produce the handset stand beside the already saturated market or can it prove to be an exceptional value-for-money bundle? We’ve been utilizing the Lenovo K8 Note because a few months now and that’s what we make of this.

Lenovo k8 note front view


While most smartphone manufacturers focus solely on incorporating a’Premium’ component for their funding and mid sized smartphones, Lenovo appears to be untouched using this type strategy.

Do not anticipate the K8 Note for a premium-looking apparatus, provided its price bracket along with the positioning on the marketplace. But what you could expect from it, like with different K-series Lenovo tablets, is it is heavy and provides a definite sense of sturdiness too.

It isn’t slippery, even though your palms are sweaty. The unit we reviewed was that the Nice Gold color variant but we discovered the Venom Black variant far superior and visually attractive.

The K8 Note includes shining rims running round the sides, on the back camera enclosure, fingerprint detector as well as the antennas on the top and bottom in the rear, which makes it visually attractive to some degree.

The normal bar-shaped Lenovo K8 Note includes ample bezels on the top and bottom at the very front. Below the display are 3 capacitive touch switches. On the rightthere are the quantity and power switches, all put inside your thumb’s reach, while on the left you’ve got the SIM card along with microSD card slots together with a refreshing change – a committed Music Key.

Lenovo K8 Note Volume button
Image Credit: Gadgetssnow

The Music Key is some thing which was lacking from the preceding K-series tablets and will be appreciated by music fans as they now have a shortcut to manually command the audio playback. It is possible to long press it to begin or stop a music, double media to jump a trail and triple media to leap to a preceding track.

The best thing about it’s the ability to displace the secret to carry out different activities as well like shooting screenshots, opening programs or shooting up the flashlight light.

What, however, might come as a disappointment would be that the smartphone speaker, that was hardly loud enough in our evaluations. The speakers are put at the base but sadly, just one of them functions in a time, whereas another one resonates the key speaker.

Maintaining the smartphone in landscape style and obstructing the sound in your palms could turn into a normal occurrence. At no time, you may truly feel the plan of this smartphone or mundane.

The rear panel is adorned with a vertical double camera set up in a pill-shaped enclosure. The LED flash is put on both sides while the fingerprint detector is seen just beneath the cameras. Towards the bottom you find the business logo. At the bottom and top, where the rims that are shining operate , are the smart phone antennas.

Lenovo K8 Notice’s screen is adequate enough and consumers shelling Rs 12,999 must have zero problems in day- to- day use. And because it is an IPS screen, prepare yourselves to get a few additional reflections.

The K8 Notice’s display is nonetheless lively and pretty much everything you expect from a funding smartphone. The color tones are adequate and barely any color changes are visible when viewing the display from severe angles.

On the software, you receive the typical alternatives to modify the size of this font and the onscreen content. Regrettably, there’s absolutely no Blue filter.

Lenovo K8 Note Navigation button

In general, the screening experience is great and should not be a problem for consumers. What may become a subject for concern might be the smartphone’s functionality.


If You’re all hyped-up learning Concerning the Lenovo K8 Note’s Layout, its
Performance section also will not disappoint you. Even Though the smartphone Blazes across programs, it did reveal small lag once every so often.

This is Negligible but it is something we all do not expect from a business that, at The period of teasing the K8 Notice, concentrated on strong processing. processor. As Lenovo mentioned throughout the launching, the smartphone has 2 cores in 2.3GHz, all of which work perfectly.

There’s also a version which is included with 3GB RAM. In Terms of the graphics, Mali T880 requires the fee and manages games and program cartoons without slouching.

Couple smartphones to sport deca-core chip at this price. Accessing apps, such as heavy ones in the multi-window or functioning on Them simultaneously employing the split-screen performance is eloquent as Silk. Clubbing the functionality with the impressive fingerprint detector Allows you to reach the house display in no time.

Depending on the specifications that the K8 Note may be contrasted with a few of the well executing smartphones in the particular price range. On Antutu, the apparatus scored 86405, which changes from time to time and is somewhat less than that which Lenovo maintained at the launching event.

Nevertheless, the score is adequate considering that the specifications. In terms of Geekbench, the smartphone scored 1641 in only core evaluations and 4364 from multi-score evaluations, which also are exactly what we expected in the apparatus.

Though the processing power seems fantastic on the K8 Notice, 1 variable that allowed us down was that the heating issue. Charging the telephone for longer durations or using it greatly raises the warmth of this K8 Notice . It will not go dangerously alluring though but is evident enough.

Software And UI:

Software also plays a very important role in the way the smartphone here we have zero complaints from Lenovo. In the time when Android OEMs are attempting to best their smartphone interfaces, Lenovo has fully changed its path from Vibe UI to inventory Android.

A couple of days prior to the announcement of this K8 Notice, Lenovo announced that it’s ditching the Vibe UI fully and is utilizing stock Android moving ahead. The K8 Notice is the one that leads the bunch.

It’s known that if you’re shifting out of a Samsung smartphone, a Huawei handset or some other OEM, then you might discover inventory Android boring and lacking specific features.

But, you’ll discover a few pre-installed Lenovo programs onboard such as File Manager, Lenovo Assist, a lot of Microsoft programs, and Dolby Atmos.

Dolby Atmos plays a very important part in how the system performs in regards to the audio output signals. The K8 Notice isn’t quite as loud as other smartphones in the purchase price segment.

The apparatus, though have two speaker grilles on both sides of the charging interface, throws audio just from 1 speaker. Utilizing the Dolby Atmos music app you’ll be able to have fun with the equalizer, bass enhancer, volume leveler, and much more.

What we discovered impressive is that the app’s ability to store different sound profiles for songs, games, voice and films. Dolby’s icon can also be there in the notifications tray for simple one-touch enabling and disabling.


The unit we received was that the 64GB version. Out of this 64GB, the smartphone will book around 12GB for your files, leaving approximately 52GB for programs along with other websites contents.

Even though this is sufficient to get a general consumer, Lenovo has also cared for people who prefer to save numerous films and many heavy games too by providing an alternative for a microSD card, which can support up to 128GB of storage.

Camera in Detail:

The organization, for the very first time, has jumped onto the double rear camera bandwagon. The Chinese technology company has gone ahead with the standard +thickness sensor mix rather than the wide angle+telephoto zoom or color +blue-green mix. Both, when clubbed together, produce adequate bokeh effect in pictures.

Within the depth, Enabled’ manner users may alter the aperture (from F1.2 into F2.8), which determines how much blurred the desktop will be.

While most of this sounds remarkable, we did not locate the fashion dependable enough. In catchy light conditions, the camera fails to catch an ideal bokeh picture. Occasionally, we were readily able to find that the advantages being fuzzy and left in 1 picture.

Taking pictures a few times will get you the outcomes. Until today, among the greatest smartphones, we discovered for bokeh impact is that the Gravity 8 Pro, which costs Rs 29,999.

Lenovo k8 note rear camera

Daylight shots in the K8 Note were sharp and saturated. We did locate the apparatus trying hard to look for a topic to bring in focus occasionally. However, this was something which seldom occurred.

In terms of low light shots, the K8 Note may end up being somewhat disappointing. The smartphone captures colors with fantastic precision when using Automobile HDR style but in addition, it brings a jelly impact when flashed in.

Shooting selfie shots in low light is also not a problem considering the K8 Note includes a committed front-facing flash too. The pictures taken are sharp and nicely balanced concerning color capturing.

Lenovo has an adequate history concerning battery performances along with the K8 Note retains the functionality results undamaged, or even better.

The smartphone’s 4000mAh battery may quickly run for 12 hours, provided it’s an efficient chip and a full-HD screen to look after. We had been left with approximately 20% battery lifetime by the close of the day before hammering back the smartphone.

Light users will be able to extend the handset for more than 12 hours while the heavy users might need to carry around a charger.

Lenovo K8 Note

Such as the case with each other smartphone nowadays, the Lenovo K8 Note boasts of a’Battery Saver’ style which may be set to turn on automatically at 15 percent or 5 percent.

The manner restricts the device’s vibration, place services and desktop information. If this wasn’t enough to convince you, Lenovo has also thrown into TurboCharging fast charging technology.

Applying this, the K8 Note may reach the 50 percent mark in about thirty minutes. But, it requires a few hours to achieve a 100% battery level.


Together with the K8 Notice, Lenovo has tried hard to meet those who demand a little bit of everything ranging from an adequate screen, impressive chip, fantastic camera functionality and a substantial battery life.

The smartphone might be a handheld device for people who desire a multimedia device at a budget price.

The Lenovo K8 Note exceeds the K6 Notice in virtually every possible world. The sole possible competitors decreasing in the Rs 13,000 section would be the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 and also maybe the Asus Zenfone 3S Max.

Even though these two rank over the K8 Note in certain aspects, they don’t provide an inventory Android UI, double rear cameras along with an adequate chip in one bundle. A bundle in which everybody should choose a note.


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