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As we know that Samsung completely lost its grip on the budget marketplace in the previous couple of years as Chinese rivals, most especially Xiaomi, swooped in.

These businesses continue to release model after model with each fresh creation bringing even more incredible features and specifications to each price point.

Finally, Samsung has decided to strike back with its own new M-series and the reimagined A-series.

In just the past month or so, the company has launched six new low-priced versions with enough variants to attack ten major cost points between Rs. 7,990 and Rs. 22,990.

We liked what we saw from the Galaxy M10 (Review) and Galaxy M20 (Inspection ), for the large part.

Since the first two versions of this new wave, these phones set the speed with a number of hot features such as big displays with Waterdrop notches, generous amounts of RAM and storage, multiple cameras, and massive batteries.

Samsung Galaxy A50

Let’s first talk about Samsung Galaxy A50 Design


The most important attraction of this Galaxy A50 is the 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display. This is precisely the identical dimensions and panel kind used on the Galaxy A30 along with also the newly established Galaxy M30.

All three versions also have exactly the exact same scoop-shaped Infinity-U top notch. There’s still a chin that is noticeable, but the appearance is really slick complete for a comparatively cheap cellphone — the Galaxy A50 makes the most recently published Galaxy A9 (2018) (Inspection ) seem old-school.

1 feature that’s exclusive to the Galaxy A50 is your in-display fingerprint detector. It is something which users will love displaying and can be a significant selling point in this price segment, but we will discuss it later in this particular review.

Samsung hasn’t said precisely what substance the back of the phone is constructed from, but it seems just like plastic or poly-carbonate. The panel bends slightly to fulfill up with the metallic rim and there are no sharp edges everywhere. There are three color options — black, white, white, and blue.

The back panel of the black inspection unit was like a translucent gray with an iridescent quality that creates light refract into rainbow patterns. You’ll realize this particularly in the borders of the phone if you move it about under strong light.

Regrettably the surface is extremely glossy and therefore it becomes fully smudged pretty much the minute you touch it. After utilizing our review unit quite carefully using its bundled plastic case for a couple of days, we noticed a few little scratches.

Samsung galaxy a50 price

The vertically stacked triple camera module at the top left corner sticks out a tiny bit. This is 1 design touch which has taken over from prior versions, most especially the Galaxy A7 (2018) (Inspection ).

There is an LED flash directly beneath the cameras, and if you look really closely you will notice a faint Samsung emblem and a few regulatory text onto the back of this Galaxy A50 too.

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The volume and power buttons on the right are fairly in reach, and there is a USB Type-C interface in addition to a 3.5mm headphone socket and a speaker grille at the bottom.

The dual-SIM tray using its committed microSD card slot is on the top left. Some buyers will probably be disappointed that there is no room to get a telling LED on the front of the phone however, the Super AMOLED display supports an always-on mode so that you may still assess notifications and alarms at a glimpse.

By default, you need to tap the screen gently to demonstrate this info however, you can allow an actual always-on mode from inside the Settings program.

It fits well in 1 hand and is not slippery. Reaching all corners of the display with a single thumb is a small stretch, but it was not embarrassing for all of us. We believe anyone who purchases this phone will be content with how it feels and looks.

The Galaxy M10 and M20 were criticized by a number of our subscribers for his or her retail bundles, and Samsung appears to have discovered them.

Samsung A50

Samsung Galaxy A50 specifications and features:

It’s a little Hard to Distinguish All of the Galaxy M-series and A-series versions and versions.

There are two variations of this Galaxy A50, and also the Only difference between these is RAM. You are able to pick between 4GB and 6GB, but storage is exactly the same in 64GB between them both, at least to the choices launched in India as of today.

This is a small surprise, especially considering the less costly Galaxy M30 includes a 128GB alternative (and the two versions have the identical price difference of Rs. 3,000 between versions ).

Incidentally, 128GB was recorded as an alternative The 4000mAh battery is significantly smaller compared to 5000mAh unit the Galaxy M30 has. These variables may confuse buyers a little.

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It is very interesting that even while the Galaxy M-series ships using Android 8.1 and Samsung’s mature Experience UI epidermis, the exact similar Galaxy A50 runs Android 9 using the fresh One UI.

This is excellent news, because users won’t need to wait for an unknown quantity of time to acquire a major upgrade.

One UI is Generally an improvement concerning layout, and it will seem quite contemporary.

Samsung says it’s concentrated on usability on mobiles with big displays, but what that signifies is it’s decreased data density throughout and created icons and text anywhere enormous, with tons of padding between components.

Some things, like the rapid settings Panel, are oversized so that icons are somewhat nearer to the bottom of the display where your thumbs will probably be. It requires a little bit of time to become accustomed to.

On occasion, it may feel like display space has been wasted, however on the other hand you will find super helpful touches such as the Back button at the Settings program coming down in reach as you scroll instead of being anchored into the top-left corner of this display.

We Discovered that we were more happy increasing the grade of this icon grids for the home displays and the program drawer and lessening the default size.

You can disable the program drawer and choose whether to start it using a By tapping on an icon. An optional swipe anywhere on The house screen can pull the notifications color.

There are several Customization choices within different sub-menus of this Preferences program that Are worth digging to locate.

Samsung galaxy A50

You’ll have it all of the time, schedule it, or even sync it into sunrise and sunset for each day. FaceWidgets are helpful lock display modules for things such as audio controllers, a calendar program summary, and also the weather, and they will remain visible on the always-on display if you pick.

A number of Samsung’s backgrounds Seem to have been made intentionally to pay the camera up notch on top. Samsung’s Themes update is among a couple that request consent before sending you notifications that are spammy. There are tons of paid and free topics which you could download.

There are a Couple of handy gestures Including one which catches a screenshot in case you swipe from both sides of the display utilizing the border of your hand.

You’ll have message alarms appear as bubble sand tapping will open the individual program in a floating window so that you can see the entire thread while typing a reply.

Can be supported so you can observe thorough program utilization statistics, possess the Galaxy A50 prompt you when it is time to end down for the night, also impose time limitations on individual programs to help yourself concentrate.

The Bixby helper can bet set to activate with a long-press of their power button, in case you decide to utilize it. There is also Samsung Purchase Mini to get UPI money trades.

We Had a massive issue with spammy alarms and advertisements on the lock display together with the Galaxy M-series. That remains a problem with all the Galaxy A50, even though the initial setup procedure does let you opt to disable”lock display stories”.

The default Samsung software continue to be spammy and now there is Amazon Shopping along with Dailyhunt, a number of Samsung’s own programs, Microsoft Office and LinkedIn, and obviously Google’s programs.

Soon After becoming started with our apparatus we had been duped to tapping on a Telling requesting us to finish the installation procedure.

Be out of a background app named Iron Source which sneakily installed six Flashlight (the telephone already has these purposes ), HotSpotShield VPN, Obviously, the dead-simple Flashlight app revealed multiple advertisements including full-screen interstitial Blocking the 1 toggle button screen — its only purpose. This is a Continuing disappointment.

Samsung Galaxy A50 performance, battery life, and cameras:

It is actually crisp, bright and lively. Everything looks fantastic, directly from the UI to games and videos. The always-on screen feature is wonderful to have, and you’ll be able to establish a schedule so that it does not annoy you at nighttime.

In Terms of audio quality, this mobile’s single speaker may get Very loudly but is not very apparent. Music and listeners are grating at large volumes, and even though you may utilize it to the occasional movie clip, do not expect to enjoy a complete movie.

The headset is not very comfy, and the massive Y-splitter dangled just beneath our proper ear, leaving the long cable to the left earbud bunching around our chin.

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Sound is not too bad, but highs are somewhat shrill and there is hardly any bass. The open layout lets a whole lot of background sound in and broadcasts everything you are listening to for folks around you to listen to.

The In-display fingerprint detector is going to be a major draw for a great deal of individuals, but it will have its drawbacks.

Recognition is rather slow, and it often requires two minutes or longer for the telephone to unlock itself, which can be only sufficient to be somewhat annoying.

It’s possible to really unlock the telephone with even if it is in standby, but it is going to require trial and error to find out just where to put your finger. Just one tap will light the place you want to strike, which may save you some time.

We did not have trouble with precision but recognition might fail if you do not touch the detector long .

There is also facial recognition, which is a Lot faster. You may opt to trigger the front camera after you lift the telephone. It is more fluid and also you do not need to await visual confirmation that it’s functioned.

General day-to-day use was 4GB of RAM and have been happy, but you may want to devote the Rs. 3,000 longer for your 6GB RAM version if believe you will hang on for this phone For several decades.

There were advertisements in certain Samsung programs and spammy Notifications to bargain with, but beyond this, our period employing the Galaxy A50 was fine. High settings and were not disappointed.

Processor and Battery:

The Exynos 9610 Processor is Not Placing any records but it’s Qualified for this cost level. Benchmark tests showed functionality in line with the majority of our existing picks for the top mobiles beneath Rs. 20,000, although a number of those options cost far less.

Battery life may easily stretch into a day and also a Half with regular usage. We took plenty of videos and photos, streamed a film, played a couple of matches, and surfed the Internet through the day.

We began in the morning, and had roughly 30 percent left through the night. Our HD video loop evaluation conducted for 14 hours, 59 minutes that’s quite great.

The included charger required us up from zero to 11 per cent in approximately ten minutes, and 30 percent in thirty minutes.
Of a great deal of photography attributes, staring with all the triple-camera module on the back.

The main camera includes a 25-megapixel detector and f/1.7 aperture; the secondary camera is for wide shots also contains an 8-megapixel sensor using a 123-degree area of view and also f/2.2 aperture; and the third is a typical 5-megapixel thickness sensor. The only front-facing camera includes a 25-megpixel detector and f/2.0 aperture.

Samsung also Mode, Hyper-Lapse style for time lapse movies, AR emojis, and smart scene optimization. The Guru style is unsatisfactory with just metering, You can change Between the conventional and wide-angle cameras before you start shooting Videos, although not while recording.

Samsung galaxy a50

You can change the type of background blur in portrait shots in the conventional bokeh to various filter effects, and there is even a bogus dolly-zoom impact which you are able to create GIFs from.

Regrettably, this just divides the backdrop and zooms it out, with no identifying perspective warping impact of a camera’s field of view altering in movement.

It is nicely laid out with controls that are useful within reach. You are able to select whether the program remembers the mode you’re using past, and empower a floating shutter button in the event that you frequently find the normal one from reach.

The Galaxy A50 supports both the high-efficiency HEIF and HEVC formats for both videos and photos, but these aren’t allowed by default.

Video recording with front and back cameras goes around 2336×1080 (full-HD however prolonged in diameter to match the aspect ratio of the telephone’s screen ).

We were generally satisfied with the photos the Galaxy A50 took. It tended to overexpose brightly colored parts of a framework in the day, but a lot of our photos came out looking great with quite a great deal of detail.

The wide-angle camera offers you a great deal of flexibility and it is really quite surprising just how much more you are able to fit into a framework when standing in precisely the exact same place, however quality is unquestionably reduced and there is major distortion that is not just restricted to the borders of the framework.

Lest dive into more detail of Samsung Galaxy A50

Performance during the night was adequate, but not fantastic. Pictures may look Great about the phone’s own display and when posted on the internet, but they do not actually hold up when tested in full size.

There may be a few movement blurring as a result of the camera remaining open somewhat too long. When there’s enough light round, close-ups shot at night are rather good.

Videos In the day, movement was clear and details were great. The wide-angle camera provides everything a fish-eye impact and video is a little darker but still smooth.

There is no official mention of movie stabilisation but we discovered that footage was very useable. In the night, things have been much shakier and movies did not have a lot of detail.

Front camera also includes a Live Focus manner minus the consequences. You can still alter the blur Intensity following a snapshot, but edge discovery is not terrific.

The Default beautification makes pictures seem very artificial, and turning it Off necessitates multiple taps.

Final Verdict:

Unfortunately for Samsung, the Galaxy A50 with its beginning price of Rs. 19,990 competes using Xiaomi’s Poco F1 (Inspection ) which comprises the top-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Processor.

That’s obviously the better choice of phone if you are a gamer or desire the smoothest possible experience, but it does not have three rear cameras or a contemporary all-screen design.

As aggressive as Samsung is, it’s been rather upstaged from the brand new Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro using its Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 SoC, 48-megapixel primary camera, Gorilla Glass 5, along with other impressive specifications.

The Redmi Note 7 Pro has a beginning price of Rs. 13,999 and also the higher-end variant at Rs. 16,999 (with 128GB of storage) undercuts Samsung dramatically.

Another big competitor to the Samsung Galaxy A50 will be the organization’s own Galaxy M30, that has the exact same screen and a larger battery, but a poorer processor, standard fingerprint sensor, and a flashy rear panel. If you are not too fussed about camera quality, then the Galaxy M30 begins for Rs. 5,000 less.

Even with these alternatives in the current market, we believe a good deal of people may find the Galaxy A50 intriguing enough to consider critically. It’s all the current-day characteristics that you’d want to show off, and there aren’t any significant problems.

We think there’s scope for improvement together with the cameras and software, but overall, Samsung is actually showing that it understands how to bring back the fight.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Price in India:

Price of Samsung Galaxy A50 in India Begins to 17,780. The lowest price at Samsung Galaxy A50 at Amazon is 17,780.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Specification:

Table of ContentSpecification
Price in India₹ 17,780
ProcessorSamsung Exynos 9610
Storage64GB + 4GB RAM / 64GB + 6GB RAM
Camera25MP + 5MP + 8MP
Battery4000 mAh
Display6.40 inch
Launch Date in IndiaMarch 2, 2019 (Official)

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