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In this guide, we talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price and its specification. So hold on…

Want to buy a Smartphone which comes with gaming and blasting performance, and also have more money in your pocket, but you’re still confused to buy which Smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 detailed review

Since most of you know, the very first generation Note proved to be a 5-inch apparatus and aimed to bridge the difference between the smartphone and the tablet computer.

It worked quite nicely and did exactly what the Dell Streak planned to perform. Additionally, it caused it to the S Pen, bringing the stylus back in style on a massive screen smartphone.

Now we have with us the next generation Notice, that the Galaxy Note 3. The specifications, design, and construct are trumped-up compared to its predecessor. Is the apparatus worth the purchase price of entry?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Specs

The Galaxy Note 3 includes a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED screen with a 1920×1080 pixel resolution. It’s 32GB built-in storage via a microSD card slot; a 13MP rear camera using BSI detector and LED flash in addition to a 2MP front camera for video calling.

Samsung established Note 3 using two components configurations. The variant launched from the markets in which LTE can be obtained runs around the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset using the quad-core CPU clocked at 2.3GHz.

The one which has established in non-LTE markets like India has got the Exynos 5 Octa 5420 using the quad-core CPU clocked at 1.9GHz. The GPU from the model started in India is Mali-T628 MP6. The remaining specifications like the RAM, etc. will be the same.


At first glance, the Samsung Galaxy Notice 3 resembles the S4 using all the thin bezel on each side of the screen (once held in portrait style ) but using a bigger screen.

Over the screen, you’ve got the earpiece and front-facing camera. The phablet is comparatively mild at 168 g and very slim measuring 8.3millimeters in thickness.

The home for your microSIM card along with also the microSD card rests beneath the back panel. Speaking of the back panel, Samsung has not gone with the conventional plastic back.

The trunk remains plastic but it’s a leather end using imitation stitching round the boundaries. As soon as I revealed the device to some couple individuals, I received mixed answers about the back.

Why not the actual thing?” Whereas others were amazed by what the phablet needed to provide. Personally, I like the new layout. It will not create the device appear cheap and the traction is great also.

In the base of this Galaxy Note 3, we’ve got the home slot for your S Pen. The underside is also in which the charging port is placed. Samsung has altered the MicroUSB port using the USB 3 interface. The drawback here is you will not have access to your USB 3 charger where you go.

The upside is that the apparatus costs quicker than its predecessor and the information transfer rate to and in the smartphone also has improved also.

All in all, the plan of this Galaxy Note 3 is a step over compared to previous generations. The imitation leather back provides a fantastic texture to the gadget. Despite its substantial form factor, it’s comfortable to use with just two hand.

UI and Interface:

Is found on most of Samsung tablets and tablets. You can swipe everywhere On the screen to unlock it.

Once unlocked, you’ve got access to this standard five customizable house Displays which you could load with programs and widgets. Additionally, you have the choice to include and remove home displays in accordance with your requirement.

Additionally, you Have the typical apps and widget list pages. The fall down Notification offers you access to shortcuts like screen rotation, Bluetooth, information, multi-window, brightness, and much more.

Considering that the phablet drops under Samsung’s Note collection of devices, you have the complete added functionalities of this S Pen. Air View, a characteristic that made its debut with the Notice two can also be present on this gadget.

You merely put over a folder to view its articles or hover over a message to view it in detail or just hover over a movie to view the preview. These attributes can be turned off and on according to your benefit in the settings menu.

If you’re a creative individual, such as taking notes or only need to draw your telephone, then the S Pen is something which you will utilize. If you are not into this, then you’ll hardly remove it out of its home.

When you remove the S Pen in the home, you receive a little widget on the screen named Air command.

Moving on to additional abilities of this Note 3, long pressing on the back button pulls an app drawer. This program drawer lists all of the programs which you may use from the multi-window manner on the phablet.

Yes, the device has the power to run two programs concurrently on the screen, something we’ve observed on other high end Samsung apparatus. You can get the browser running around the top half when viewing a movie below.

You might be checking your email and checking out Google maps in precisely the exact same moment. It is quite a useful feature and one which you’ll use quite a bit especially in the event that you love multitasking on the move.

You can observe Your own videos in a little window on the screen of the tablet when shooting Care of additional work.

You will find a Lot of additional gesture-controlled features like S Beam,

Samsung has packed with a lot of attributes from the Note 3 the more time You invest with it, higher the odds you will discover a new Attribute or a program compatible with all the S Pen or any fresh gesture control.

Taking on the HTC BlinkFeed:

Magazine driven by Flipboard. You can get into the My Magazine program by Swiping in the base of the screen. Put simply, you’ve got Flipboard available with a simple swipe the screen.

In general there are a whole lot of features available together with 3. The UI Brings with it a ton of features that enables you to use many programs Pushing the limitations of multitasking on the apparatus and a lot of programs.


The Exynos Octa 5420 does not score badly by any way, not in all. However, its scores are somewhat lower the Snapdragon 800 powered apparatus.

The back of the Note 3 homes per 13MP camera. The edition of this Note 3 which has established globally (operating on Snapdragon 800) gets the capacity to shoot movie in 4K.

The variant found in India however simply has the capacity to shoot movies in 1080p. The camera brings with it a ton of shooting modes like Auto, Beauty Face (accentuates facial features while shooting a pic), Best Photo (requires a string of photographs and selects the best one for your consumer ), Greatest Face (takes 5 images of a bunch and combines the best faces to your last picture ).

Audio and picture (enriches the image by including a couple of seconds of background audio ), Drama (takes several vulnerability images of a moving theme and combines them into one striking photo ), Animated photo (Creates a photo comprising chosen moving objects by animating specific areas of the image ), and much more.

You also have the capacity to shoot burst photographs alongside the capacity to click images from the cameras (front and back ) in precisely the exact same moment. In addition you have access to a lot of configurations like face detection, ISO, timer, white balance and much more.

We took a lot of images from the car mode (flash ) at an assortment of configurations like indoor, outdoor, low-lit, nicely lit and shut up.

Moving Forward to the real-world performance of the phablet, let Us Begin with the touchscreen. With the Air Gesture attribute, there are instances when you don’t even need to touch the screen to interact with this. When utilizing the touchscreen.

Accurate also. Typing is a cure with the palms. There’s a single Hand style on the pill also, but it is not comfy considering The width of this Note 3.

Coming to the movie playback, the Note 3 did not support the MKV sound or AVI video formats . MP4 HD files nevertheless were recognised with their subtitles. Watching films on the Note 3 is a fantastic experience. The screen is crisp, color reproduction is true and the sound is Quite loudly.

Considering that the energy under the hood is great also, the matches we played the Tablet ran very easily. Wars II and much more ran very easily on the Note 3. The matches as the screen was responsive and good, sound was clear and The total operation was smooth.

Using the device as a telephone — for messaging, surfing the world wide web, making calls , all was above decent. No complaints . The sole nit-picking I will do here is the system seems a little too large to work with , sometimes.


If you’re in the market to get a sizable screen smartphone (bigger than 5.5-inches) with some notable specifications and a great deal of preloaded programs and attributes, the Galaxy Note 3 is a really good choice, especially when youâ$™re supplied by the programs and potential of this S-Pen.

But if most of youâ$™re searching for is a sizable screen, then we’d advise you pick up the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. The LG Optimus G Pro is just another option worth considering, if the preceding two donâ$™t lure you. Both the G Professional along with the Z Ultra package some notable hardware together with all the Z Ultra boasting of inputs capacities too.

Bottom Line:

If you’re in the market to get a sizable screen smartphone (bigger than 5.5-inches) with some notable specifications and a great deal of preloaded programs and characteristics, the Galaxy Note 3 is a really good choice.

Especially if you’re enamored by the programs and possible for the S-Pen. But if all you’re searching for is a sizable screen, then we’d advise you to pick up the Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

The LG Optimus G Pro is just another option worth considering if the preceding two do not entice you. Both the G Professional along with the Z Ultra package some notable hardware together with all the Z Ultra boasting of inputs capacities too.


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