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The Samsung Galaxy S10, the middle child of the company’s flagship series, is a great phone that can easily be lost in the shuffle. While the Galaxy S10 Plus has been praised for its large screen and capable battery, and the Galaxy S10E has been challenged to find the proper balance between the S10 for its compact form and ease of use.

Here is a review of the Samsung Galaxy S10 by Digi 4 Review.


Display6.10 inch
ProcessorSamsung Exynos 9820
Front Camera10 MP
Rear Camera 12MP + 12MP + 16MP
Storage128 GB
Battery Capacity3400mAh
OSAndroid 9.0

Samsung Galaxy S10 review: The big picture:

The Samsung Galaxy S10, the middle kid of this organization’s flagship show, is a fantastic phone that could easily be lost in the shuffle. Though the Galaxy S10 Plus was commended for its large display and competent battery, along with the Galaxy S10E was challenged to get the correct balance between the S10 because of its streamlined form and simplicity of usage.

The equation is a complicated best for calculating that device is ideal for any individual. At the simplest terms, it involves finding the ideal pair of features at a price that a individual is ready to pay.

While Apple provides iPhones for $749, $999, and $ 1,099, Samsung offers high-end mobiles for $749, $899, and $999. By covering a broad selection of price points, Samsung has a better prospect of solving the equation for an increasing number of people.

Here is a review of the Samsung Galaxy S10 by Digi 4 Review.

So, lets get started:

Samsung Galaxy S10 Display and Screen Quality

At $899 (or longer, if you update storage), the Galaxy S10 includes a great deal of competition from its siblings, let alone the industry altogether. Can Samsung create the S10 the ideal approach to score with customers? We’re telling you .

If it comes to hardware Samsung is the course leader. It makes its telephones better with nominal expansion each year and sees an attractive improvement in layout this season in contrast to previous year’s Galaxy 2019. The Samsung Galaxy S10 remains glass and metal, and yet it sounds acceptable to me.

About our Samsung Galaxy S10:

Samsung is at a deep place. With three mobiles to select from, Android enthusiasts on the iPhone are far more likely to catch shopping. Learn exactly what — if anything separates the S10.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 was created as a engineer and also a conversation-changer, a telephone designed to turn everybody’s yearly question”Can I actually have to update?”

The S10 creates the scenario, based on the many months we have spent analyzing Samsung’s new flagship mobiles for 2019 — using a few clear cavities… and rivalry.

The more ambitious Samsung Galaxy Notice 10 has come out, using all the S Pen stylus and much more features to appeal to people who want the absolute top of their lineup.

The Galaxy S11 can be round the corner, however, the demand for continuous updates and improvements won’t ever be silenced.

Samsung Galaxy S10 hands on reviews

It’s a 6.1-inch Infinity display that actually sets the Samsung Galaxy S11 apart. The handset includes a almost edge-to-edge border that goes from top to bottom, with pixels stretching edge-to-edge — no area for big bezels from Samsung’s new smartphone. For the most part, bezels don’t exist .

Its fresh Infinity-O display — a characteristic of the bigger Galaxy S10 Plus and also the less costly Galaxy S10e — is so big that it really displaces front camera, signifying it as a little’punch-hole’ from the monitor.

Each of the vital sensors are placed behind this bright and vibrant Super AMOLED screen.

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You won’t understand the fingerprint pad onto the telephone or anyplace. Samsung has set up its detector — currently invisible — to front, where we think that it is.

The Samsung S10 formally displays a punch-hole following the Honor View 20 surfaced and surfaced about the OnePlus 6T, Huawei Mate 20 Guru, and a few Vivo mobiles.

All this was made to attain that remarkable 93.1percent screen-to-body ratio on the front of the telephone. And, honestly, we believe it somewhat better than the conventional rungs.

Until today, just the selfie camera on devices such as the OnePlus 7 Pro provides a cleaner-looking choice on quite similar curved screens. However, with Samsung’s punch-hole Galaxy S10 will not bug you after a couple of hours.

Samsung’s Camera Array has lenses for carrying ordinary, telephoto and fresh ultra-wide photos.

The ultra-wide camera is all about catching more of this WhatsApp facing you without even backing up.

Wireless charging features of Samsung S10

The Samsung S10 also has all of the qualities you may get. Its wireless electricity share feature enables you to utilize the rear of a Qi control from a different telephone or the newest Galaxy Buds in the S10, cloning the inverse wireless charging thought from the Huawei Mate 20 Guru, a telephone that’s offered in certain regions such as the US isn’t widely accessible.

The Samsung S10 is an amalgamation of this single trademark attributes of different handsets, packed in one mobile, while Samsung is a pioneer that has many technical characteristics, because it’s the first for both Wi-Fi and HDR 10+ smartphones to quickly. Huh. And which Samsung does best.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 marks a decade old Galaxy S mobiles, and there’s been little innovation in the last couple of years in the hottest smartphone manufacturers, such as Samsung (Bixby and AR Emoji do not cut it), sufficient newness to lure you to the S10. Is to update.

Don’t to enjoy Ok, if you’re able to take care of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus dimensions, it is our brand new 1 thanks for the battery life, larger screen, and much better functionality Samsung Galaxy S10 launch date and cost for a gaming telephone — and the cost increase is not so dreadful.

And if you’re thinking about the S10 to conserve cash or desire a smaller display, the greater worth is from the 5.8-inch S10e.

Samsung Galaxy S10 release date and price in India:

The launch date of this Samsung Galaxy S10 was Friday, March 8, and has been declared on February 20, using immediate pre-orders being released in a few countries. In the Usa, pre-orders for its Galaxy S10 started on February 21.

Samsung’s masterplan has just one or two bottlenecks so that all people is able to update this specific handset. The Samsung S10 launch cost was more costly compared to the Galaxy S9, even though it’s allegedly superior value compared to the iPhone XS, that was more costly and had a much smaller 5.8-inch display.

Released date of Samsung Galaxy S10 in India

The Galaxy S10e is much cheaper and nearly as great, although the Galaxy S10 Plus is your phone you need if you can take care of its cost and display size — and that is to say that the Galaxy S10 5G along with also the Samsung Galaxy Fold nothing, In a greater cost than that which it began

Should you want more storage (and do not wish to utilize the microSD slot within the Galaxy S10) then you are able to choose the 512GB version which prices $ 1,149 / 999 / AU $ 1,699.

If you enjoy the appearance of the phone but believe the cost is rather high, then Apple appears to be greater than half of the inner storage, 64GB for your $100 / # 200 / AU $430 little 5.8-inch iPhone XS. Charges with.

In occasional earnings and prices, you may occasionally locate the Galaxy S10 at half of the cost of its first launch, but these reductions are far from reliable, because they may often be tricky to discover.


  • 6.1-inch Quad HD+ Super AMOLED
  • 3,040 by 1,440 pixels with 551ppi
  • 19:9 aspect ratio
  • Single selfie cutout

Samsung’s displays are excellent”our opponents are using them too”, Samsung brand manager Paul Guzek informed, a very clear dig at Apple. It’s hard to disagree with this.

In reality, the 6.1-inch 19: 9 Super AMOLED display panel of this Samsung S10 appears marginally better than what its rivals market, and has been crowned the most precise smartphone screen .

It includes elegantly curved borders with piglets that extend on the sides, amped-up brightness to greater outside visibility, and HDR10 + service for greater contrast and colour.

The curves of front and rear glass surfaces are set up and combine perfectly with all the metallic framework. Samsung felt that the edge to edge, which has been marginally sharper on the S8 and S9.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Display And edge

The framework is a little more bloated in depth on top and bottom borders, providing strength to your telephone. Considering that the S10 is just one of the first phones to send with Gorilla Glass 6, we still do not yet have real information on how shatterproof it’s.

Like all glass telephones, I felt worried with the S10 when walking city streets or standing on cement or tile floors. Gorilla Glass remains glass .

The Samsung Galaxy S10’s main”feature” is its own size.

To put it differently, if you shy away in the mega-giant handset, but still need all of the best specs, then the S10 fits within that mix. This doubles for people whose hands are modest.

All ports and buttons do their job. I am pleased to observe that the 3.5millimeter headphone jack in the base of the telephone, which is simple to reach.

After Samsung first introduced the S10, ” it stated that three chief pillars carried it displaycamera, and screen. Samsung’s attention has repaid.

AMOLED Display Technology:

In other words, that the S10 has among the best displays I have ever seen. It’s a stunner from bottom to top. Samsung’s Super AMOLED tech has always been remarkable and its most recent iteration is just superb.

AMOLED features of Samsung Galaxy S10
Image credit: POAKPONG

The contentious Bixby button on the left border may, for the very first time, be re-commissioned for different programs (except Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa) — it is a significant improvement — along with a quiet entrance from Samsung that its first thinking is the customers.

It didn’t correspond. like. The buttons themselves supply perfect, sharp actions.

Samsung Galaxy S10 in Prism White Color, Samsung S10 Colors

The camera selection is enormous. It extends 1.75 inches to the back glass at a raised square module.

The module is shameful regardless of the colour of the remainder of the handset.

I used the telephone with no case and came out pleased with the form element. It vanished smoothly in my pocket and has been a cinch to use 1 hand. I typically prefer phones with bigger displays, however, the punch-hole screen has enabled Samsung to sometimes put bigger displays on smaller devices.

QHD Resolution:

There’s also QHD + resolution, which makes a pixel density of 550ppi, making sure everything on the display is extraordinarily detailed.

On the other hand, the phone defaults to Total HD +, that appears just as good as you likely won’t obey a phone of this size, provided that you are not using it for 2 inches of VR out of your face. This conserves battery life by burning fewer pixels.

The brand new Infinity-O screen kind is the one which stands to get worse or better. Samsung has successfully averted a top notch cut-out near the summit of its flagship mobile phone.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Display Type: Infinity O Display

Rather than utilizing a laser-cut hole at the top-right corner of this display to embed an on-facing cameraonto the Honor View 20.

Is your punch punch-hole camera or less distracting than a top notch? Thus far out of our time together with the Samsung S10,” we’d say .

It sits on the best in the notification bar, providing sufficient space for time, connectivity and battery icons, and any info you might have.

It has given Samsung more display real estate than previously, and also how big this 6.1-inch screen does not allow you to frighten.

The small growth in width and height is a result of this Samsung S10’s screen-to-body ratio of 93.1percent (S9 83.6percent ). The S10 Plus sports a 6.4-inch display using a screen-to-body ratio plus a wonderful size if you’re able to manage it.

But should you touch a fictitious corner as a result of bezel-less edges (particularly while typing) then stick with the standard S10.

Samsung S10 problem in typing

The bezel outlines the top and underside of the screen, though we stated it wasn’t large. Samsung’s top speaker still holds influence, and the underside has a narrow but noticeable eyebrow; It’s less bezel compared to bezel-less.

And also that the base bezel is larger than the surface that catches our eye it could be more distracting than the usual punch-hole.

There’s minimal dislike concerning the brand new performance — when the Infinity-O doesn’t deviate from daily, and as we said previously we update this review once we have more time together with the S10.


  • Aluminum chassis
  • Gorilla Glass 6
  • Nano SIM / MicroSD memory card
  • 150 x 70 x 7.8 mm
  • 157g
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Fingerprint reader (under display)
  • Black, Blue, Pink, White
  • IP68
  • USB-C

You won’t be too surprised by the remainder of the look of this Samsung Galaxy S10, even though there are a few notable improvements, two hidden surprises, along with a older classic.

Its thin aluminum framework is sandwiched between glass, using the colour of your selection: Flamingo Pink, Prism Black, Prism Blue, Prism White, Canary Yellow, and Prism Green.

Samsung S10 Design

Samsung Galaxy S10 colours will vary by area, together with the US getting all of the green and yellow colours.

The triple-lens camera is the smallest camera bulge on the trunk, casing the selection, while we did not find any symptoms of Samsung’s imperceptible reverse wireless charging module under it.

This can be an especially neat look on the planet of camera bulge and rear-fingerprint detectors.

After turning it to through the fast settings telling color we had no trouble tripping Samsung’s wireless electricity share attribute.

Additionally, it billed our iPhone XS Max

But, Samsung has stated that PowerShare won’t function when the telephone is under 30%.

Samsung S10 size

Possibly the best piece about the Samsung Galaxy S10, however is its dimensions. As we’ve mentioned, it steps 149.9 x 70.4 x 7.8 mm and can be amazingly nested from the hands, given the display size.

It’s likely to utilize the Samsung S10 one-handed, using curved edges in the front and back helping give the impression that the telephone is thinner than it really is.

Nevertheless, the glass and metallic body doesn’t offer you a great deal of traction, so in the event that you suffer from an crash, we’d advise picking up a situation — even if it’s a thin silicon occupation — providing additional traction on your forearm to perform.

Also undetectable — this time into the front — would be your fingerprint detector. While rear-facing fingerprint detectors are used in several Android telephones, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is trapped with all types of front-facing physical detector pads.

Samsung S10 fingerprint sensor

So the rear switch on the Samsung phone appeared overseas — but it comes back to front in the S10, now below the glass.

It’s an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, unlike the optical detectors on the OnePlus 6T and Huawei Mate 20 Guru, for instance.

Samsung utilizes Qualcomm-supported technologies, which is much better, and more secure, by simply taking a 3D scan of your printing, also it will work if your palms are cold or wet — two landscape optical speaker battles.

Samsung S10 Processor

It works well enough, however it’s not quite as quickly as an optical fingerprint scanner.

Additionally, there appears to be a higher failure rate also. You’ve got to be exact with the positioning of your finger, and you need to apply a little pressure to make it operate. It requires a while to get used to it, but things get much better.

And here is a welcome classic which has not changed since the very first S telephone a decade ago: the 3.5millimeter headphone jack.

Samsung is among the very few telephone makers to incorporate the normal headphone jack at 2019 — and is doing this despite introducing wireless Galaxy Buds and reducing the depth of this Galaxy S10.

UI of Samsung Galaxy S10:

Samsung states the S10’s display employs lively OLED technology. It unites blue light decrease and brightness control in a manner that reduces eye pressure by around 42%. HDR10 + supplies excellent contrast and brightness.

This usually means that everything looks magnificent. Colours are somewhat more precise and feature high profile content in Netflix and other suppliers.

Samsung S10 user Interface

The S10 permits for discretionary viewing adventures. By way of instance, this boat is defined to have a pure colour, but users can pick the vibrant option should they prefer. The vibrant setting makes the colour stand out a little more.

If you produce a brilliant selection, you’ll be permitted white balance and even reddish, blue, green saturation levels. The Samsung introduced nighttime manner at Samsung Galaxy S10 for people who prefer darker backgrounds.

In fact it’s characteristics of One UI, you can adjust the resolution (large, moderate, low), icon size, and text dimensions to fit your requirements.


  • Snapdragon 855
  • 2.8GHz octa-core, 7nm process
  • 8GB RAM
  • 128GB storage
Samsung S10 Processor

The S10 is one of the first to send with all the Snapdragon 855, Qualcomm’s elite processor. All foundation Galaxy S10 devices incorporate no less than 8 GB of RAM, which can be stellar.

It should be not surprising that the S10 defeated the regular trio of all benchmarks.

Greater than 90 percent aggressive gear. Likewise, it attained an impressive 354718 in GeekBench. This score frees 90 percent of different mobiles. At length, the S10 to get AnTuTu churned out to 3,423 / / 10,340 for unmarried and multi-core evaluations, respectively.

Following the hiccups needed for the factory reset, we found nothing but an outstanding performance from the Galaxy S10.


  • 3,400mAh Lithium-ion
  • Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0
  • Qi wireless charging
  • Wireless PowerShare
Samsung Galaxy S10 Battery Capacity

After utilizing our Samsung Galaxy S10 Review Unitwe feel that most folks should be aware that the telephone saves a complete day of battery life with additional room for a couple of days.

I took the telephone on a road trip and did not encounter a issue with battery life despite a great deal of photography, tethering, and other battery-intensive tasks.

The times I used the telephone from 8 am to 11 am or later normally had 15% and 20 percent left in the close of the day. It isn’t too much, however it’s enough.

Wireless PowerShare:

Samsung provides a whole lot of control on the way in which the phone attracts power. The simplest way is to pick a power style that matches your requirements at the moment. The phone ships in optimized mode, which accounts functionality and battery lifetime.

You may jump to high performance for gambling, or dial back into the moderate power-saving style or maximum energy saving mode if you want power protection.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Wireless Charging

Every one these manners affect battery life. As soon as I switched to moderate energy saving manner, as an instance, I discovered that the telephone had over 35 percent left in the end of the day rather than 15 percent.

The difference between hours of additional usage and empowering late-night Uber or walking house.

The S10 charges quickly. Whether employed with an enclosed charger or a high wattage wireless charger, then the S10 odor in electricity.

The wireless electricity share attribute, where the S10 can control another gadget.


  • Rear cameras:
    • 12MP 2x telephoto sensor, autofocus, OIS, 45-degree FoV, ƒ/2.4 aperture
    • 12MP wide-angle sensor, autofocus, OIS, 77-degree FoV, dual  ƒ/1.5, and ƒ/2.4 apertures
    • 16MP ultra-wide sensor, 123-degree FoV, ƒ/2.2 aperture
  • Front camera:
    • 10MP sensor, autofocus, 80-degree FoV, ƒ/1.9 aperture
Samsung S10 back camera

Imaging is another vital pillar where Samsung maintains the achievement of this Galaxy S10 range. All those 3 apparatus has another pair of cameras.

The S10 has three back cameras along with also a front camera. In contrast, the S10e includes two back cameras and one front camera, and also the S10 Plus includes three back cameras along with 2 front cameras. in confusion? Yes, Samsung hasn’t made it simple at a glance.

Camera app in Samsung Galaxy S10

Control is put in a fashion which is reasonable. The buttons line the left border of the viewfinder and simplify the practice of shifting aspect ratios, command flash, set timers, and get the complete settings menu.

This provides you with lots of choices when choosing pics.

This is precisely the imaginative freedom I want during shooting (rather than always revolutionary, but finally Nokia 9. flawed.)

Maybe most of all, Samsung has made it dead easy to reverse between three lenses, which Because of some very simple switch. shutter button.

Pictures look good:

Core shooting modes Comprise Photo, Video, Live Focus, Super Slow-Mo, Pro, Panorama, Food, Instagram, Slow-Mo and Hyperlapse.

Switching between modes allow you to swipe the viewfinder into 1 direction or another.

Samsung S10 camera Modes

The S10 can zoom fast through the camera program, particularly if jumping between shooting modes. Thank goodness.

I believe that the genres every work nicely. Photographers who are aware of what they’re doing could put them to creative use.

There are four fast possibilities for choosing the amount of background blur and vignetting that’s applicable.

Mimics the studio light impact available on these kinds of iPhones, however, Samsung didn’t name the choices.

It is rather simple to use, however I think that it may be more evident to people who this manner is for portraits.

Every one of the rest of the shooting modes takes a couple of minutes to learn correctly. Once analyzed, they could create some interesting success.

What do the images look like? Great for the most part, with a couple of exceptions because the picture climbs up.

I was generally satisfied with the vulnerability and the white / colour balance. Photographs appeared to be correctly balanced with regard to dark and bright places. I found hardly any grain from the dark shots.

Have a look at the nighttime scenes which I imprisoned in LA.. They are amazingly clean. The white balance is true, but the colour was pushed a little too much for my own taste. This touch is Samsung.

I was especially pleased with the group shot I took at dusk.


  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Bluetooth 5 with aptX HD
  • Stereo speakers
  • FM radio

Samsung understands people are paired with Apple, Google, and Huawei to take out the headphone jack out of their flagship phones.

That is why Samsung made certain the Galaxy S10 includes a 3.5millimeter jack in the base.

It is possible to plug in your favourite headphones, sit back, and revel in your songs. The S10 ships with a simple set of earbuds wired from AKG. They seem fine, but I just use them in a pinch

Samsung S10 Audio Jack

Stereo speakers are a must-have every flagship phone, particularly one that’s serious about movie. The S10 contains two speakers that offer stereo sound once the telephone is exploited on its own side.

A typical earpiece speaker is on peak of the display, and a loudspeaker captures the underside edge.

This combo gives a wonderful sound punch, if you allow the telephone play some music at the background, or see the latest episodes of your favorite shows. Audio is sufficient to fill a space.


  • Android 9 Pie
  • Samsung OneUI v1.1

In the end of this past year, it started testing the most recent applications named OneUI. The Galaxy S10 family is the first to send using OneUI, though Samsung has made the software available for older devices like the S9 and Notice 9.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Software version

For starters, Samsung simply stuffed the fonts, icons, and colors so the experience felt refreshed and different. The preferences menu is rearranged and seems cleaner.

I like the way the different types are coordinated under decreased subheads.

The inherent Android 9 Pie functioning system’s mechanisms remain intact. You are able to pick from lots of house display fashions, readily access Quick Settings / Notification Shades, and control virtually every facet of the theme.

(Yes, you may download backgrounds that highlight and/or conceal punch holes) Going through the menu it’s largely fluid. Samsung introduced its own Edge Screen tool, which functions as a quick-access panel for a number of programs and contacts.

Samsung Bixby:

Samsung nevertheless insists on every person to match Bixby. A committed Bixby button appears on the left border of the telephone and absorbs the home display panel on your leftside.

Samsung S10 Bixby Features

Samsung has refreshed the appearance of Bixby and I believe that it is better, but the performance of Voice Assistant is still not where it has to be.

Samsung added that the Bixby regular, which permits you to combine some functions like IFTTT and Siri shortcuts.

The fantastic thing is that Samsung is now allowing individuals to eliminate committed buttons from different programs (with the exception of Voice Assistant).

Value for the money:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10e: $749.99 (128GB), $849.99 (256GB)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10: $899.99 (128GB), $1,149.99 (512GB)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: $999.99 (128GB), $1,249.99 (512GB), $1,599.99 (1TB and 12GB of RAM)


It’s hard to put my finger on the Samsung Galaxy S10. I can envision Hemming on the price and feature list compared to this S10e and S10 Plus and people at a store store.

The fantastic news is you cannot go wrong with any brand new Samsung phone. All three perform at an extraordinary level compared to competing phones in the industry.

The S10’s display is gorgeous, the battery is large, the hardware is topnotch, and the program is the best from Samsung.

Other specialists include a headset jack, expandable storage, wireless charging, quick radio, and watertight chassis.

For inhibitors, I make fingerprint readers, delicate materials and high-value lists.

Bottom Line:

Even though it’s not difficult to recommend the superb Galaxy S10 Plus because of its own battery powered or Galaxy S10e because of its cost, it’s tough to say the S10 is a better choice.

To be clear, the Galaxy S10 is a killer telephone that provides almost full performance throughout the board.

If this cost and feature list is contrasted, the communication is determining whether it’s worth rising over the S10e, or one step beneath the S10 Plus. The S10 could possibly be true for most, although insufficient or too much for others.

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