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Want to buy a Smartphone which comes with gaming and blasting performance, and also have more money in your pocket, but you’re still confused to buy which Smartphone.

Which provides more efficiency in your daily life, and I know you are thinking to buy Branded mobile which is Samsung Note II, want to know more about Samsung Note 2 Specs and Price, which help you to decide to buy your dream mobile or not, then this guide will become’s helpful for you…

If you Have ever fondled or caressed the First Samsung Galaxy Note And discovered its bigger size a lot to take care of, we will break this to you using a sledgehammer – that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is larger.

It is Currently 151.1 x 80.5 x 9.4mm (5.9 x 3.2 x 0.4 inches), therefore marginally up from Nevertheless, we did not find It awkward in any way.

Samsung Note 2 Price in India

In how the first Samsung Galaxy Note followed the Samsung Galaxy S2’s square design, the Samsung Galaxy Note two follows the Samsung Galaxy S3’s more curved rectangular appearance.

And What a wonder it is. It felt marginally smaller to us Daily usage – but that might be down to the fact that we’ve got gravedigger hands.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The Samsung Galaxy Ruling Needed a Remarkably amazing screen as it Had Been, so However, Samsung clearly enjoys a challenge. The dimension has gone up marginally from 5.3 inches to 5.5. And though pixel density is decreased, we did not notice it.

This is the glowing, Vibrant Samsung Super AMOLED display which most of us know and appreciate – and what a Attractiveness it’s, copying colors amazingly and immaculately.

Samsung galaxy note 2

As anticipated, that display takes up the majority of the front. You obtain a house button and two concealed soft keys under it before, and a front-facing camera and detectors up top.

The handset has little to notice (geddit?) Round the borders. A headset jack up high, power button on the proper, quantity on the charger and left interface under, right next to the S-Pen slot – more of that will follow afterwards.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Round the back, you will come across that the 8MP camera with flash.

The Additional sorcery is performed away from perspective. The microSD expansion slot is under the back cover – because is the microSIM slotmachine, concealed behind the huge 3,100 mAh battery.

One Other thing we would say is that this will feel like a top quality Android smartphone/tablet. We are Conscious of the protestations by some readers (especially iPhone consumers ) that mobiles like the Samsung Galaxy S3 feel just like toys because they are so light and plasticky.

Samsung Galaxy Note II

In 183g (0.4pounds ), you could not clarify the Samsung Galaxy Note two as a feather – and also the burden gives it a true notion of material.

If you would like to choose one of those up big boys, you will have to be prepared to part with some serious money – about #530/AU$999/US$700 seems to be the typical SIM-free cost.

It’s also available online contract, but you should be ready to shovel top dollar every month from the network’s leadership for a couple of decades.

Samsung galaxy note 2

Usually, this is where we would discuss the choices available. But we acknowledge, we are stumped here. Why? In our thoughts, there’s absolutely no obvious rival.

The Samsung Galaxy ruling made its own group, so there were not any actual phablets around before.

That has not struck the UK, but is in america under the moniker LG Intuition, but it is 4:3 ratio display makes it a very odd proposition.

And as you’re going to find the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating platform and comparable advantages in the Samsung Galaxy S3 or Samsung Galaxy Notice 10.1 (based on whether you would like a telephone or tablet), the form factor is really unique.

Samsung galaxy note 2

Actually, the only real rival is That the First Samsung Galaxy Note – a Worthy competition for that title, since it is currently available to get a much reduced amount.

All have 5-inch and handsets along the way, a lot of which will boast whole HD, 1080p screen – your eyes will not know what hit em.

Around #400/AU$480/US$500 will get you a first Note SIM-free – and also that Makes it a really serious and credible option for its replacement, the Samsung Galaxy Note two.

So guyz, this article fully focused on Samsung Galaxy Note II Specs and Price.

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Nevertheless a little too big for a few, it is still a fantastic device to help consumers enter the phablet marketplace at a lower price.

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