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Xiaomi Mi TV 4 detailed review

Since you know you are going to be facing compromises concerning resolution, panel quality, image quality, audio, connectivity, smart features and much more.

Xiaomi has attempted to tackle these matter with the. The TV boasts of 4K, HDR 10 capacities and contains a 10-bit VA panel that is created by Samsung. Additionally, it includes a exceptional interface.

Together with the Mi Smart LED TV 4, Xiaomi is targeting the flourishing LED TV marketplace with its tried and tested formula of supplying impressive specifications at tumultuous pricing. The question is, how does it live up to the big promises (and expectations)? Let us find out.

Let’s dive into the Detailed review of Xiaomi Mi LED 4 TV

Now we 1st talk about it’s Design


Is actually, really slender (No, that is not a typo). The TV will get thick in the base and that is as it is the underside where the internals are placed. The TV may be wall mounted or placed on a rack alone.

We put the TV on a table stand, which can be very hardy, simple to Set up in your own and does not rock. It’s kept in place with four screws (2 for each stand).

Overall, the Plan of this TV is very attractive, particularly because Of how slender it is. If you wall mount it keep it on a desk the The minimalist design also guarantees That all of your attention is focused towards the material on display.

Mi Tv 4 price in India

 Ports and connectivity:

HDMI interfaces (one of these is currently ARC), two USB ports (1x USB 1 and 3 x USB 2), an Ethernet port, AV input and great old antenna link too. The TV only has an S/PD-IF interface for sound output, and it can be a bummer.

It’s HDMI ARC also, but I’ve a set of speakers which encourage 3.5mm RCA and I can not link them into the TV, which can be unsatisfactory. You’ll need to invest at a Coaxial Digital Adapter Cable should you wish to join your speakers which have 3.5mm or RCA connections. In case you’ve got a set of speakers which support Bluetooth, then it is possible to join them into the TV through Bluetooth.


Total, three HDMI ports is a Fantastic amount, but the shortage of discretionary Audio output like RCA or 3.5mm is unsatisfactory. Additionally, the positioning of The HDMI ports is not very convenient.

If You’ve Got a Fire TV rod or a First-generation Chrome-cast, you will not have the ability to plug them without an extender.

Display panel and picture quality:

The Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV 4 boasts of a 10-bit VA panel that is made by Samsung. The TV also boasts of 4K resolution, which is 3840x2160p. Now here is the real kicker.

Most panelssome 4K TV panels are 8-bit. So, what exactly does this mean for you? An 8-bit panel is capable of 256 shades of color for each of the primary colours (Red, Green and Blue). This means that an 8-bit panel may provide you 16.8 million colours (256 x 256 x 256 = 16,777,216).

This might look like a great deal and in case you’ve got an extremely great 1080p TV, then you may enjoy the manner content looks on it. But the reason why we are excited about a 10-bit panel with this TV is due to the colors it can create and its HDR capabilities.

Mi LED TV 4 Connectivity features

Rather than 256 colours per primary color, a 10-bit panel may produce 1,024 colors per primary colour. That usually means that a TV with a 10-bit panel may produce over a billion colors i.e. 1024 × 1024 × 1024 = 1,072,341,824. Excited?

We certainly were when we laid our eyes on this TV. But does this translate to a fantastic viewing experience? The short answer is, yes. If you’re looking to purchase a fantastic 4K HDR TV, then you are going to spend up of 1 lakh to get a TV from Sony or Samsung or LG.

The Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV 4 provides a great 4K HDR seeing experience. Do not expect the same quality you will get when you devote a lakh on a TV, but the experience is really great. It comes very near some flagship encounter, but has a couple of shortcomings.

4K and HDR Streaming:

As of writing this review, the Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV 4 comes with a bunch of built in solutions, but sadly, none of them flow articles in 4K and HDR (more about these services in a little ).

If you’re buying this TV to see content in 4K HDR, then recall, you need to get a device like the PS4 Pro , Xbox One X, Apple TV 4K, Chromecast Ultra or some other device that supports 4K.

The conventional PS4 and Xbox One S support 4K for articles like Netflix only and not for matches. The Xbox 1 S and One X home 4K Blu-ray drives, but the PS4 and PS4 Pro can do 1080p Blu-rays only. Remember, the Fire TV stick and Chromecast currently available in India support a maximum resolution of 1080p.

We saw 4K articles on Netflix using the Xbox One X since the TV doesn’t support the Netflix app natively.

We watched Netflix Original Dark, that is available in 4K. Daredevil, which streamed in HDR, along with a host of movies that are in 1080p resolution such as the Dark Knight.

Supported content on Mi 4 Tv

The picture quality of these shows is good overall. You’ll need to tinker with the image settings to get the ideal output. A slice of advice is that the backlight is set to 50% by default.

We recommend bumping up it to 100% and then tinkering with all the brightness and contrast to get the ideal viewing experience. We wish there was a typical setting we could put here, but this isn’t true here.

For a show like Daredevil, where lots of the activity is from the dark, we had to place the brightness levels in the mid 50’s along with also the comparison in the late 70s or early 80s.

Likewise, for a glowing show where lots of the action is in the daytime, you may have to decrease the contrast and brightness.

You might choose to toggle the lively colour and dynamic brightness on and off too to get the perfect viewing experience. The TV does offer decent number of manual controls.

You’ve got the standard presets, including Standard, Movie, Picture, Sport, Monitor, Game and one user profile just. You also have the ability to manually control the 1024 colours for each person Red, Green and Blue colours which is nice.

The TV’s panel is reflective but maybe not the most reflective that we have seen. You will have to find that sweet spot on your home or put money into dark drapes to have the very best experience.

Taking into consideration the purchase price of this TV, the viewing experience for 4K HDR content is very great. The black levels appear decent and the instant shift from a dim spectacle into a glowing scene transitioned well.

There’s some loss of detail in the darkest areas of a scene sometimes. By way of instance, at Star Trek Discovery, the tiny details of thing floating in shadowy corners of distance are not as apparent as they are on our Sony W950D 1080p TV. But again, the Sony TV sells for approximately 1 lakh rupees.

1080p content from the Fire TV stick

As we mentioned previously, the Fire TV rod and Chromecast readily available in India can display content in 1080p. Yet more, we tinkered with the settings to find the ideal experience.

For Game of Thrones, the film premiered about the Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV 4 functioned fine. For Young Sheldon, we needed to tone down the brightness a bit because the series is very bright and lively.

Together with the Dark Knight, the encounter was great overall. Although from the arrangement at which Batman kidnaps Lau, there’s a little bit of banding.

The transition of this shadow of the skies, to the lit construction was not smooth. This is not a deal breaker for many, but those of you who are finicky will detect.

This may also be because the material is in 1080p rather than in 4K or HDR along with the TV is showing it to you since it’s.

Once More, if you will absorb articles out of a Fire TV stick this TV, then your experience will probably be great overall.

There is not any observable Native upscaling per state and this is really a con. Since the Majority of the service Providers who have partnered with Xiaomi are not providing content in Complete HD, it’d have been nice to see that the TV help bump up the quality.

Gamers will love Gaming Console

We hooked up our PS4 Pro and Xbox One X into Your Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV 4.

To Take Advantage of the HDR articles you will Need to manually change The configurations to HDMI 2.0. After done, the console will recognise the TV As 4K HDR and you’re ready to go.

The Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV 4 has a Game preset, which ought to help with input lag, but it didn’t make a lot of difference when we played Game mode and our custom user setting.

On the PS4 Pro, we played the train-chase sequence from Uncharted: The Lost Legacy along with the opening sequence of Horizon Zero Dawn. Both the matches looked fantastic.

Both the matches utilize Sony’s checkerboard making to leave a 4K image at 30fps. The difference in color (largely HDR) was immediately visible and the experience was visually breathtaking.

There is input but it’s exactly the exact same as you would expect from any other TV. Fast paced action sequences are playable. If you are utilized to a gambling on a monitor with a 1ms response time then yes, you may take some time to adapt to the TV.

Mi TV 4

Moving over to the Xbox One X, we Played with Forza Horizon 3, The native game style configurations on the TV do not do justice to all three matches and you will have to devote time tinkering with the screen settings to get things looking right.

The gloomy evening race in Forza 7 with rain all over the place looked gloomy enough and the bright sunny afternoon in Egypt looked really bright and concealed in AC Origins.

A good thing is that if you turn the camera around in the open regions of AC Origins, sunlight doesn’t look blinding and the transition out of a sunny street to relatively darker inside was pleasant.

No banding issues here. The protagonist’s armour is the best way to identify whether the configurations on your TV are correct. The details in the armour improved as we tinkered with the settings.

The tinkering wasn’t simply with all the settings of this Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV 4 but with all the brightness and HDR settings in the matches to (the ones who encourage and let it).

Rise of this Tomb Raider The game lets you Switch between 1080p 60fps and 4k 30fps and we tried both modes.

In the 4K mode, the color Produced by the torchlight from the dark is the best Example to check that the HDR quality of this TV. This Specific output isn’t What we’ve observed about the Sony Z9D In exactly the same match for example.

About the Z9D, this particular separation and Transition of this blue torch light to darkness is brilliant. On the Mi Tv 4, There’s some banding and we could not really get the greyness to Become completely black no matter how hard we tried.

Having said that This isn’t the best comparison since the Sony TV costs upwards of 3 lakh rupees. However, the performance of the Mi TV 4 is commendable for the Asking cost when it comes to casino gambling.

When it comes to Linking a PC to the

we Joined the HP Omen
17 to it through HDMI to test out just how PC gaming appears on the TV.

We played Battlefield 1 to the TV through the notebook since Battlefield 1 really is a fantastic With settings at moderate, the Notebook ran Battlefield 1 at 4K and HDR and we have frame rates ranging In the late 40’s into the early 50’s.

The entire experience was eloquent, The colors in the match seemed lively. Playing the Identical game on the PS4 Pro, we could say that the amount of information were when playing with it The HP Omen 17 can be obtained in India for Rs 1,79,780.

For those interested, here are the specifications of the HP Omen 17

Intel Core i7-7700HQ Processor
Windows 10 Home 64
1 TB 7200 rpm HDD
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (8GB) 
17.3-inch FHD 120Hz IPS anti-glare display


Audio quality from the TV speakers:

After All of the love We’ve shown for the Image quality of This It is the sound from the TV.

The Mi TV 4 includes two downward firing 8 Watt speakers and their functionality is fine to get a moderate sized space if you’re watching regular TV.

Do not expect to receive the ideal experience of bangs and whistles while still viewing a movie. It is logical to put money into a wonderful soundbar or bookshelf speakers to take advantage of the TV.

Vocals in the built-in speakers are all clean. If you’ll utilize this TV to watch soap operas or information or documentaries, then you ought to do fine.

It should also be mentioned that the remote does not have a mute button and also its lack is dearly missed.

Remote and Usability of Mi 4 LED TV:

Speaking of this remote-control, Xiaomi has gone with a slick design for its remote controller. It resembles that the Amazon Fire TV Stick remote using the accession of quantity controls and with no playback controls.

We did not get the two AAA batteries in the box. We are not certain if this is because we have an inspection unit, or this is true with all retail components. No matter you might choose to maintain a set of batteries handy.

The distant pairs into the TV via Bluetooth so that you do not really have to point it into the TV in order for it to work. But, it neglected to work together with our Fire TV rod, or even the Xbox One, or even the PS4 Pro for media playback.

Mi 4 LED TV Remote system

The remote is slick and as soon as you become accustomed to the place of these buttons you won’t have to look down in it.

The remote controller lacks a voice button also Xiaomi claims they will add voice commands into the TV later on. You’ll have the ability to control this using the distant app in your smartphone.

Mobile Apps

There’s a mobile program to restrain both the Mi TV and that is a really good thing in the event you run out of batteries at 2AM. The UI has a clean interface and houses the mute button so dearly overlook the remote controller.

A very neat thing about the remote-control program is that you may choose a screenshot of this TV and store it right on the telephone. It is a small feature, but one which we believe is so cool.

You also have a choice called programs that allows you open programs on your own TV by the convenience of your cell phone.

Later on, you’ll have the ability to download programs in your smartphone and if they’re compatible with the TV, then you’ll have the ability to launch them out of the programs menu.

keep in mind that, If your smartphone doesn’t have an IR blaster then some of the features of the app won’t work.

Patchwall OS:

Bright TVs is your UI. Most smart TVs operate on Android that’s laggy on many TVs. LG TVs operate on WebOS and Samsung TVs operate on Tizen. Other TVs which are internet enabled deliver a lackluster experience.

Mi TV’s PatchWall OS intends to redefine exactly what a wise TV must do i.e, place content and programs afterwards.When you’ve installed your set top box, then that content is incorporated with the TV’s OS.

Not only does this show you a tile port for those stations, but if you look for a series, but let us say Master Chef or Big Bang Theory, it not only hunts for your articles on the built-in programs, but in addition the DTH box, also shows you if the show will perform.

The thumbnails of articles now being played around the set top box includes a grim seekbar to explain to you just how much of this film or TV series has already playedwith.

This is a wonderful little detail from the UI.

Suppliers and it is not hard to allow Xiaomi to integrate its solutions with a brand new DTH or set top box supplier.

The professional services which Xiaomi has tied up with will probably be accessible in 15 Languages complete – 14 Indian languages English.

Coming back to the point at which the material is priority prior to the ceremony, you will not have to start an app to see the content onto it.

So, when Hotstar gets incorporated with PatchWall, you will not need to hunt for the program first and then the information. You can just look for example’Game of Thrones’ and it’ll look on Hotstar if you click on play.

On the other hand, the UI is not perfect. For starters, most popular services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos are not part of it, and it can be a huge miss.

Second, there’s absolutely no uniformity in the UI of this content supplier. Some providers provide settings to inspect the high quality and a few do not.


The quality is described as low, moderate, high but does not provide the Resolution where the material will perform. As stated before, all of the articles on the preloaded services seems washed out and very low resolution on the TV.

The OS also urges content according to your viewing habits. Should you Watch action films, anticipate recommendations of action films. The drawback is that the TV doesn’t have profiles.

Consequently, if mother likes to see soppy TV displays, anticipate the recommendations to signify from the UI too. Xiaomi states it is working on profiles and they need to be live in the not too distant future.

The PatchWall OS could be predicated on Android, however it does not support the There’s not any app shop on the TV, however, Xiaomi states they are working on a Program shop.

Also know more:

Xiaomi Mi A3

Negative loading an APK is a nuisance and there is no promise that the program will do the job.

Overall, although PatchWall as an OS is practical, it lacks a few Key qualities that will come within an upgrade later on. It’s in its nascent stages at this time.

Xiaomi states that the future of the OS is dependent upon the amount of TVs it sells as well as the requirement for features from the OS. Another OS’ in query have a program shop, more services to pick from, voice hunt and every bring with it its own means of commanding a set top box.

Until Xiaomi upgrades PatchWall to take complete benefit of this panel available with information from service providers its tied up with, in addition to the inclusion of a program shop, voice hunt and much more, we will not be impressed with that.

What it does with all the set top box integration is fine however.

Final Verdict:

So, here is replying the million-dollar question. Is your TV worth the asking price? You Receive a 10-bit panel which may Produce articles in 4K and HDR very well and we believe that is what Things most when you purchase a TV.

Additionally, the TV will 4K HDR in 60Hz. Should you TV stick or another box you prefer. The speakers are not the best to Put money into a soundbar if sound quality is what you’re after.

We want The sole Qualm with all the TV panel is the fact that it’s reflective, and also the black levels Might have been improved. If You’re finicky about obtaining the best There is not a”one preset matches all” alternative.

But if You’re looking TV. Fantastic fortune fighting for it on the internet throughout the flash revenue however.


The expected Price of Xiaomi Mi TV4 in India starts at Rs.44999, the best price of Flipkart. Xiaomi Mi TV 4 is available in many various colors at online stores in India.

Xiaomi Mi Smart TV 4 Specification:

Table of ContentSpecification
Price in India₹ 44999
ProcessorAmlogic Quad Core
Graphic ProcessorPenta core ARM Mali-450
Supported OSAndroid, iOS
Installed OSAndroid
App StoreGoogle Play Store
Touch screenNo
Screen MirroringYes
Content ProvidersHotstar, Voot, Sony Liv, Sun Nxt, Zee5, Hungama Play, ALT Balaji, Viu, TVF Play, Flickstree
Supported Video FormatsVP9, H265, H264, Real, MPEG1/2/4, WMV, VC-1, AVS
Sound TechnologyDolby
Power RequirementAC 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Width x Height x Depth (without stand)1232.1 mm x 730.6 mm x 48 mm
Width x Height x Depth (with stand)1232.1 mm x 791.7 mm x 216.5 mm
Weight (with stand)
17.2 kg


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